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Chirri Moreno began in the world of decoration at the head of “Meridiana” in Madrid 14 years ago, dividing her time between that activity and landscaping. It was on one of her frequent trips to countries such as India, Morocco, Turkey, etc. that she was surprised not only by the great variety of textiles, but by the significant value that they continue to have in all of these cultures. This assembly of objects that used to comprise our “trousseau” is what she wanted to renew and once again integrate into our daily lives. After years of learning and research she presents this collection here with the intention of each piece being unique, both in its design and its execution. The mix and combination of textures and elements from different backgrounds are designed to make the pieces contemporary. At the same time, the presence of the “lunar” (polka-dot) in them as a universal element gives them a lively, joyful character.

Dinnerware, glassware, upholstered furniture and accessories such as bags and limited version scarves complete the collection.

What will be next?